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Christian Flynn, 'Power is Born Here'

23 January - 18 February 2013

Christian Flynn began his involvement with The Hughes Gallery when he presented an enormous and captivating installation at the Evan Hughes Gallery in 2008. This installation was a three-dimensional representation of his vision of abstract fields and greatly informed the compositions of the paintings he produces today. For his second solo exhibition, Power is Born Here, Flynn further explores notions of abstract painting and its stereotypes.

Flynn has concentrated on presenting 'intense, highly sensual works of form and colour that confirm painting as a vital process.' His title, ‘Power is Born Here,’ is a satirical comment on the way he believes abstract painting is commonly perceived— resolute and resolved. Yet to Flynn, his works are more nuanced and uncertain as they explore polarities such as 'authority, weakness, indeterminacy, certainty, seriousness, humour, rage and joy.'

The artist's bright, bold paintings of colourful forms explore the ongoing possibilities of painting in a digital age. The involvement of organic forms into the visual vocabulary is a recent development, and is a striking contrast to the hard edge elements that once dominated the work. In works such as Residual Math these styles coexist on the one canvas. This makes for powerful relationships between colour and form, and complexity and simplicity, both within and between the works, resulting in an arresting exhibition that encourages us to contemplate the true purpose of abstract painting.


A Point on Which to Focus

Action Time

Dream Drug

Fabricated and Erected

Geometry Density Saturation

Incurious and Obedient

Now is the Time for Sincere Regret and Apology

Now that I am, less than I was

Orange Black Green Pink /Orange Green Black


Power is Born Here


Residual Math

Small Solid Blue and Yellow

The Future of Discipline

The Space Between Us

The Struggle with An

Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly

Unification Theory

Unification Theory I