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Tim Kyle, Brothers in Arms

2 November - 30 November 2013

Tim Kyle's boisterous figurative sculptures are well known and received. He won the 2003 Wynne Prize and his larger than life seated and standing men are recognisable from their outings at Sculpture by the Sea. 

Kyle is a keen observer of human behaviour. He has endowed his figures with unique expressions that create a real sense of character and personality. As the artist states, "I learnt of the Flaneur in art history and I suppose that's what these pieces are the product of - observations and evaluations of human behaviour...The subject remains the same, forlorn introspection dosed with a wanton need for clarity from perplexity." 

 Kyle's works are all very tactile, you can trace the hand of the artist through the forms created by his fingers in the clay, which is then cast in epoxy resin, forming the "rugged and unapologetic" pieces for which he is known. Drawing is also important to Kyle, who sketches his compositions before sculpting them. The works in 'Brothers in Arms' are "new essays on figuration that are directions once held in sketchbooks but never before realised in form." Other works in this show are crafted out of acid free paper pulp, which the artist enjoys for its "expressive nobility and physical strength," characteristics that can also be used to describe his body of work in general.


Aunty Granny

Ball Play

Brothers in Arms



Deep Sea Putt

Figure Study I

Guitar Case





Parcel Out




Rain Song


Running Figure

Wolfgang the Plumber