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International Art

New Zealand, China, Africa, Europe and America

Since the 1970s Ray Hughes has staged several exhibitions of work by International artists including Jean Dubuffet and Anish Kapoor (in the 1980s), contemporary African photography, painting and sculpture (in the 1990s) and more recently, since 2000, the works of many of China's most important contemporary artists. Throughout we have also had holdings of German Expressionist works on paper as well as drawings and prints by Pierre Bonnard, Andre Derain and others.

Our most important department in many ways is our New Zealand department and we are dedicated to the representation of a number of New Zealand's leading painters today, indeed we represent them alongside our Australian artists with as much emphasis and attention.

We are certainly proud of our work with the Chinese contemporary artists and are delighted to represent Li Jin, Yang Jinsong and Yang Shu in Australia. We have holdings of stock by many of the others listed on our website and continue to actively visit and engage with China.

The newest department is our Contemporary American department which marks a number of recent visits to the United States and a renewed interest specifically in the Chicago Imagists and the new group of younger artists whose important recent exhibition 'AfterImage' was presented at De Paul University's Art Museum in September, 2012. Watch this space through 2013/14 as we expand the group of artists from the States: as their economy bounces back America will newly observe the vibrancy of their artists (which never faded) against the backdrop of a renewed pride in American visual culture. We predict a reaction to the restrained imagery prevalent to date. When Evan Hughes was last in Chicago the delivery truck of the Art Institute, home of the Seurat Grande Jatte, had painted on the back, an enormous Ed Pashke figure with the caption: "Real Superheroes go to the Chicago Art Institute". Real Superheroes will be looking at the Imagists in a fresh light in the years to come.