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The Hughes Gallery is an Australian contemporary art gallery located in Sydney. Contracts are governed by the statutes and common laws of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia.


All images on this website are the intellectual property of the artists and are subject to copyright. To use images please seek formal permission from the gallery.

Payment Terms

All purchases require good consideration in the form of a deposit. The Hughes Gallery offers terms of three months from date of purchase with the sliding scale of deposit percentages below.

Under $7,500 - 33%

$7,500 - $15,000 - 10%

Over $15,000 - 5%

Terms outside this scale and timeframe are negotiable at the discretion of The Hughes Gallery

Payment Type

The Hughes Gallery accepts payment by personal cheque, bank deposit and by Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos.

Please no cash for payments above $1,000.

Storage of Work

Purchased works shall be stored, free of charge by the gallery for a period of up to one year, after which point the gallery will make all reasonable endeavors to have the works collected by the purchaser but can take no liability for work damaged after this period.

Transport of Work

Unless otherwise stated, transport of work shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. For Sydney-wide or interstate transport, The Hughes Gallery recommends Artwork Transport (02) 9695 1471. For International transport consult the gallery.

Artists' Submissions

The preferred method of submission is by email to with attached .jpeg or .pdf files. Please include a CV and short artist statement. Please no powerpoint. All submissions made in this way will be answered within 7 days where a director is available to review the work. We apologise that submissions not made in this way cannot be guaranteed feedback. Walk-ins are welcome but it is always nice to get a quick phone heads up.

Prices subject to Change

Prices of all works are subject to change with fair notice and no communications made by email between the gallery and any person shall be deemed an offer unless otherwise stated. 

Prices shall be clearly communicated by the gallery and are in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.